What Makes Top Drawer Construction Different?

They have chosen to keep their business small
Collaboration at design inception
Exemplary communication skills
Transparent billing
Fairest owner contractor agreement
You'll miss them when they're gone

They have chosen to keep their business small so that one of the principals, Jon or Ted, is available to directly supervise every job, overseeing every detail of construction. Who would be more motivated to making sure your job runs stress free than an owner of the company who's responsible for the process and the outcome? This is why every one of their contracts has the line item, "planning, coordinating & supervision by principal" because a principal of the company is in your home, personally managing your job.

Collaboration at design inception saves time and money and creates one team made up of the owner, designer, architect and construction manager. This team then has the common goals of quality, function, design and practicality of construction for the available budget. Are there limiting parameters, i.e. time or money? If cost is critical, rough budget numbers can be quickly generated so the architect doesn't waste time and money drawing what can't be accomplished within the given budget. Top Drawer brings over 30 years of pricing experience to the early development of projects by providing detailed cost analysis, including competitive proposals from subcontractors and vendors, material costs and labor breakdowns. Design and project costs evolve together, creating a smooth process from first design concepts through completion.
Working this way makes the planning phase much more efficient, saving clients time and money, with no surprises at the end.

Exemplary communication skills. Jon and Ted, as supervisors, communicate constantly with the team. They have built a reputation as proactive job managers and creative problem solvers who make no assumptions. They are always available to address the inevitable questions, problems and changes that occur on every project, to quickly come to resolutions, make decisions and follow through to expedite the process.

Transparent Billing: You Control the Cost of Your Job
Top Drawer Construction provides completely transparent accounting through the entire process of estimating and billing on all projects. Highly detailed requisitions are given to clients backed up by copies of all invoices received from subcontractors and material vendors, as well as thorough documentation from staff time sheets. This approach allows up to the minute tracking of job costs and provides clients the security of understanding and controlling the costs on their project.

The Fairest Owner Contractor agreement. Top Drawer prefers using a cost plus contract where the basis of payment is the cost of the work plus a fee. It allows a job to begin quickly when there's a tight schedule, before every last detail of construction has been worked out. It reinforces the team who are all working together with the same goal of doing the right job without having to cut corners. It means that no matter when changes are made to the scope of work, they are charged the same way, at cost plus the established fee.
You might ask, "What prevents them from taking their time and taking advantage of this job that has no fixed price?" The answer is simple: their reputation. In over 30 years Top Drawer has never advertised. Their work comes by word of mouth, from past happy clients to new ones and from architects who are thrilled with how easy Top Drawer makes their job.

You'll miss them when they're gone. "Top Drawer is an absolute pleasure to work with: Every aspect of their work is done with total respect. Their talented carpenters are real professionals, all of whom are willing to work hard to make the whole process as smooth and pleasant as possible." -client